Lucky 13 News - June 9th 2023

Apple WWDC, IT Nation Secure, Microsoft 365 Outages

Apple WWDC

It is that time of year again…Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference is going on now as I type this. The keynote was earlier today and Apple released a number of new devices including brand new Apple MacBook Air 15”, an updated Apple Studio, and the much awaited MacPro featuring Apple silicon. This completes the migration of the Mac to Apple’s own home grown silicon. On top of these hardware releases Apple also showed off their newest Operating Systems that will be coming out this fall.

The Big announcement out of WWDC however was the long awaited announcement of Apple Vision Pro, which is their new Augmented Reality device. This device will not be available until early 2024 but from the release you can tell that Apple has put a lot of effort into this and as always has built up the story of how it can be used. Somewhat surprising to me was the push Apple is making for the new Apple Vision Pro headset to be used in the corporate environment. They gave examples of using it to replace your monitors, provide virtual isolation when working, and also for your conferencing solutions. It is going to be very interesting to see how this headset gets adopted by corporate environments.

IT Nation Secure

This week I was down in Orlando Florida at the ConnectWise IT Nation Secure conference. I got to meet and engaging with some of the top vendors and fellow MSP/MSSP helping to secure the SMB market. There will be lots of important information coming out of this in the coming weeks and months but for now, know that Lucky 13, as always, is staying on the cutting edge of technology and security to help enable our clients to run their businesses effectively and securely. More to come…!

Microsoft 365 Outage

This week was a little rough for the Microsoft 365 environment. Many users and organizations have reported issues effecting ability to access their Outlook web mail and other Microsoft 365 services. Microsoft has acknowledged these and so far has said they are related to technical issues and that they are actively working on resolving them. There are however reports coming in that a group is claiming responsibility for the outage claiming that it is an intentional DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack. This group, ‘Anonymous Sudan’ is saying they are carrying out the attacks in response to the United States being involved in “internal” Sudanese business.